More than a "Daycare"

March 11, 2016


Ms. LaTia Jones
Developing Minds IQCC

3102 Lord Baltimore Drive, Suite 214
Baltimore, MD 21244


Hello Ms. Tia:


Since mid-January, my daughter has Lyric McFerson has had the pleasure of being in Ms. Belinda's class. Prior to starting in that class, I believed Lyric was becoming bored with learning. Her famous response, more often than not , for what she learned in school was "I played". It seemed she remembered the playing portion more than the education portion of her day.Read More


Extremely Satisfied

February 29, 2016


Ms. LaTia Jones
Developing Minds Quality Infant & Child Care Center

3100 Lord Baltimore Drive
Baltimore, MD 21244


Dear Ms. Smith,


RE: Mrs. Aretha Taylor

When I receive poor service, I notify management, accordingly. To the contrary, when I receive excellent service, I believe giving people their "flowers" while they are living and can enjoy them! Such as the case with Ms. Aretha Taylor Read More




July 27, 2015


Developing Minds Quality Infant & Child Care Center

3100 Lord Baltimore Drive


Subject: Letter of Appreciation to Mrs. Taylor & Ms. Kay (Infant I)

Ms. Tia,

I am writing this letter to give some recognition to the wonderful women of Infant I that have taken care of Jordyn for the last few months. Over the last 6-7 months while Jordyn was with them, she really thrived! She is a very happy baby and certainly learning so much because of them. Read More


Positive Feedback

April 21, 2016

I am writing this letter in regards to Ms. Belinda. Too many times, parents write letters or meet with you when there is something negative to discuss about a teacher. I wanted to take the time to write a letter for the opposite reason. I am writing to express how grateful I am to have Ms. Belinda as Jazmyn's teacher. Since being in Ms. Belinda's class I have seen a huge growth in Jazmyn's learning Read More