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Established and Serving Children since September 30, 1996

About Our Day Care

It is the philosophy of the Developing Minds Quality Infant & Child Care Center that early childhood be a time of fun, warmth, security, exploration and discovery. A daily program at the Center will provide an atmosphere that encourages all areas of development: physical, mental, emotional, social and creative.

Our Curriculum

In our supportive environment, every opportunity will be used for the child to:

  • develop self-control

  • develop a positive feeling about him/herself

  • develop all aspects of his/her personality

  • develop small and large muscles

  • develop and use new language skills

  • learn to share and get along with others

  • think of him/herself as a capable individual

  • understand his/her body, feed and care for him/herself

Daily Program

Infant – 6 weeks to 12 months
Toddler – 13 – 24 months
Preschool – 2- 5 years

Our daily program is based on goals, objectives and activities aimed at providing a fun, enriching environment that will facilitate positive development of all children enrolled. Every child's group area is supervised at all times by experienced, degree/certified and credentialed staff.


Hello Ms. Tia:


Since mid-January, my daughter has Lyric McFerson has had the pleasure of being in Ms. Belinda's class. Prior to starting in that class, I believed Lyric was becoming bored with learning. Her famous response, more often than not , for what she learned in school was "I played". It seemed she remembered the playing portion more than the education portion of her day.

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